3D Fashion Shoots Series

The ‘Dalia Ramos 2010’ photo series is not the first—nor will it be the last—photo shoot inspired by 3D technology. Considering the hype still surrounding it, I’m sure more than one artist will apply 3D cues to his discipline in one way or another.

17 Gadgets Inspired by LEGO Bricks

Collection of creative gadgets and product designs inspired by LEGO bricks.

Japanese Nail Art

Japanese Nail Art Features Hello Kitty-Inspired Nails and More
From the land of the rising sun, exquisite, unique and quirky pieces of art can travel with ladies wherever they go—in the form of nail art, where great detail, colour and imagination goes into every nail. The Japanese are known for their creativity and precision, so that is exactly what goes into the following nail trends for 2010.

25 Multimillionaires Without High School Diplomas

While the rest of us were negotiating our curfews and cramming for the SATs, some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs ditched high school (or didn't even enroll) to start building multimillion-dollar fortunes. Here are 25.

What Would Santa Drive

Best New Sleighs for Santa
Hundreds of years after he started, old St. Nick still circles the globe in a reindeer-powered wooden sleigh. It's traditional, yes, but it's also a bit old-fashioned. We think he needs something a bit newer, a bit faster, a bit more exciting. If you had to carry gifts to all the world's children in one night, regardless of weather, what would you choose? Speed matters, but so do ground clearance, curb appeal and storage space. Here, we name the best vehicular alternatives for the man in red.

12 Days of Non-Christmas

Are you just not feeling at all jolly about the holidays?

No matter your reason for not celebrating the Christmas, here are few ideas of other things to do when everything else is closed.

The Absolutely Worst Songs of 2010

God, music really got pretty horrible this year, didn't it? We were inundated with trashy chicks who couldn't sing and rappers who couldn't flow. Here are the 11 worst tracks that abused our ears in 2010.

Recall of 2010 in Pictures

Interesting Collection of the best pictures of 2010

Ugliest Dog in Britain

2-year-old half-blind Yi lived in an orphanage and was considered the ugliest dog in Britain. But, fortunately, the world is not without good people. 35-year-old April Parker saw the pictures of Hugo on the Internet and decided to pick up the dog yourself. Now Yi lives in the family.

People and Things

I do not know why it is so exciting to see that carry with them other people, but it's just interesting.

Fastest Growing Small Towns

From Alaska to Florida, these 15 small towns have seen their populations pop over the last four years.

Fairbanks, Alaska, relies particularly on the last one. Home to the Fort Wainwright and Eielson military bases, median family income in Fairbanks for 2009 was $87,239 and the unemployment rate was just 6.5%, well below the national average of 9.2% for 2009.

Hot Christmas Cheerleaders

On this Christmas hot cheerleaders are dancing for you.

Luxury Superhero Accessories

The nOir Jewelry for DC Comics Collection is Badass 
 Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your favorite superhero on a daily basis with the nOir Jewelry for DC Comics collection. In fact, this is one jewelry line that would make a great Christmas present for your comic book buff of a friend.

Most Comfortable High Heel Shoes

The most comfortable high heel shoes on the planet allow you to go mountain climbing and hiking in style.

7 Shocking Snake Stories

A California king snake  A Snake Can Eat a Longer Snake

You might think these videos are rather gross, but in order to solve a longstanding mystery of how a king snake can eat another snake that's longer than itself, Kate Jackson of the University of Toronto and colleagues watched the whole thing unfold. The king walks its jaws over the prey in ratchet fashion, then compresses its own vertebral column like an accordion to make the incoming snake go down. Then when all is said and done, the the king pukes some back up. Can you blame him? [SEE THE STORY & VIDEO]

How to Create Social Media Portraits

'Printing Facebook' Makes a Poster of Your Friends' Profile Pictures
If you’re fond of Facebook and all of your friends on the website, you’ll love ‘Printing Facebook.’ ‘Printing Facebook’ is a new service started by Benjamin Lotan that produces 20” x 40” posters
uniting all your friends’ profile pictures.

Famous Celebrities December Birthdays

Find out which stars and other notables were born in the month of December.

Japanese whalers to Face New Enemy in 'Godzilla'

A controversial animal-rights group preparing to embark on its annual harassment campaign against Japanese whalers has stepped up its effort this season by enlisting the aid of ... Godzilla.