Top 10 Chinese Universities with Most Beauties

 1. Beijing Film Academy.

There is no doubt that Beijing Film Academy is just like a concentration camp of beauties. No one really knows how many beauties actually go to this school to learn professional skills.

Garbage Constructed Villages

Trend Hunter may have featured recycled- and trash-based architecture before, but none of them reached the scale that the House of Contamination has. More of a village than a house, it is a massive garbage art installation.
Conceived by Raumlabor, the House of Contamination is part of this year’s Artissima International Art Fair. Made up of everything from used clothing to discarded electronics, this temporary structure will house other installations within its trashy walls.

Famous November Birthdays

These two comedians were once a couple, but they still share a birthday month. These two actors are often seen on-screen together, and they also share a birthday month. And, if you wish to be president, you might also wish to be born in November.
Here's who else is famous and has a November birthday.