12 Days of Non-Christmas

Are you just not feeling at all jolly about the holidays?

No matter your reason for not celebrating the Christmas, here are few ideas of other things to do when everything else is closed.

12 exercises to burn calories

On the 12 days of non-Christmas, we give to you 12 ways to burn those seasonal calories.

Go for a long jog
Learn these yoga positions
Build muscles with these weight-lifting workouts 
Take the kids to the local park
Challenge a friend to a match of tennis
Walk around and find the best decorated homes  
Get a new pair of Rollerblades
Have a snow-shoveling contest
Take the bike out and hit a trail near you  
Enjoy a game of family flag football
Too cold outside? Try these interactive video games
Go out dancing

11 family activities

On the 11th day of non-Christmas, we give to you 11 family fun activities.

Do a craft project together
Get a karaoke system and have a family sing-off
Hold a Sudoku tournament
See who can build the tallest snowman
Host a cookie-baking contest
Pull out the board games
Break out a deck of cards
Dig out the tubs of Play-Doh
Have family story time
Make a family scrapbook together
Have a family movie night

 10 holiday movies

On the 10th day of non-Christmas, we give to you 10 movies to check out around the holidays.

 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'



The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'

The Tourist'

Tron: Legacy'

Yogi Bear'

True Grit'

Gulliver's Travels'

Little Fockers'

9 DVDS for a movie marathon

On the ninth day of non-Christmas, we give you nine DVDs that are perfect for a movie marathon. Get a sneak peek with these clips.

Toy Story 3'

Shrek Forever After'

Despicable Me'

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

How to Train Your Dragon'

The Karate Kid'

Iron Man 2'

The Last Airbender'

Prince of Persia

8 holiday meals

On the eighth day of non-Christmas, we give you eight other holiday recipes to try next year.

Hanukkah: Potato pancakes

Thanksgiving: Pumpkin pie

Fourth of July: Red, white and blue cupcakes

Valentine's Day: Lobster

Halloween: Candy apples

Cinco de Mayo: Fajitas

Earth Day: Create your own salad bar

New Year’s: Cabbage and black eyed peas

7 ideas for singles

On the seventh day of non-Christmas, we give you seven ideas for those who are single at the holidays.

Take a vacation

Get a spa treatment

Go speed dating

Take a dancing class

Take Fido to the dog park

Go to a museum

Volunteer & meet new people

6 Must-see TV clips

On the sixth day of non-Christmas, we give you six TV shows to catch up on.

Saturday Night Live’

The Office'

Grey's Anatomy'


Modern Family'

The Simpsons'

5 Perfect songs for winter

On the fifth day of non-Christmas, we give you songs perfect for winter. Have a listen.

Let It Snow”

Winter Wonderland”

Sleigh Ride”

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Jingle Bells

4 planning tips

On the fourth day of non-Christmas, we give you four ways to plan.
Work on your career plan

Pay a few bills

Start a book club

Start your New Year's resolution early

3 community service ideas

On the third day of non-Christmas, we give you three ways to serve your community.

Serve meals at your local soup kitchen

Visit a retirement home

Conduct a food drive

2 terrible Christmas gifts

On the second day of non-Christmas, we give you awful gift ideas to show your protest for the commercialism of the holiday.



1 Tips for surviving the holidays

On the first day of non-Christmas, we give you a tip for surviving the holiday.

How not to be a Grinch