Famous Celebrities December Birthdays

Find out which stars and other notables were born in the month of December.
Woody Allen
December 1
His career in film production began in the 1960s with a movie about a playboy and a psychoanalyst, and he’s working on a new film that stars Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. He’s also an accomplished musician.

Britney Spears
December 2
She burst onto the scene in the late ‘90s as a tempestuous teen with a hit single. With which pop singer did she have a romance?

Ozzy Osbourne
December 3
The “The Grandfather of Heavy Metal” gave fans and others an inside look at his personal life when he starred in a reality show about his family life.

Tyra Banks
December 4
She was the first African-American woman to be featured on the cover of this sports magazine’s swimsuit edition. She rose to fame as a model for this lingerie brand, hosted a popular talk show and helmed a model reality show.

Little Richard
December 5
This rock pioneer first achieved success with a boogie woogie hit that climbed to the top of the Billboard charts in 1955. In 1986 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

John Singleton Mosby
December 6
A confederate commander, he was known by this nickname for his ability to elude Union soldiers. In 1863, he reportedly captured a Union general by giving him a rousing slap. His capture of Union soldiers and disruption of supply lines are thought to have staved off a Union victory for a year.

Larry Bird
December 7
This Hall of Fame basketball player first gained national attention when in 1979 he led this school to the NCAA title game against this school, which featured this legendary player. The rivalry between these two stars continued into the NBA.

Kim Basinger
December 8
A model turned actress, she starred in several blockbuster hits in the 1980s, including a movie franchise based on a suave action hero in 1983 and the first full-length film about a comic book superhero in 1989. In 1997, she won an Academy Award for her work in this drama.

Redd Foxx
December 9
This comedian is best known for his starring role in a 1970s sitcom. Though he died in 1991, he inspired many comedians including this actor, whose stage name is a tribute. When Foxx died, he reportedly was in debt to the IRS. How much did he owe?

Emily Dickinson
December 10
Although she’s now recognized as a major American poet, only a handful of her poems were published while she lived. She is referred to as the belle of this Massachusetts town.

John Kerry
December 11
The U.S. senator from this state is also a decorated veteran. He ran for a high office in 2004, but he lost to the incumbent. His wife is known for her former marriage and for being heir to his family’s fortune.

Frank Sinatra
December 12
This iconic singer and actor is known by this nickname – and this one, among others. He won an Academy Award for his role in this 1953 film and was a megastar in the music industry during the 1940s and 1950s, appealing to bobby-soxers.

Taylor Swift
December 13
At 21, she’s established herself as a leading musician, and it’s been only four years since the release of her first single. Her first album went multiplatinum. Her second album earned her six Grammys, including Album of the Year, and her third sold more than a million copies in its first week.

December 14
The French physician and seer who turns 507 years old on this day is credited by some with predicting many major world events in his book, released in 1555. He reportedly used this art to make his predictions, many of which are still subject to hot debate today.

Don Johnson
December 15
He seemingly defined “cool” in the 1980s as the star of a hot cop series . He starred in another cop drama in the 1990s and he also performed music his first single, in 1986, ended up being his most successful.

William “Refrigerator” Perry
December 16
He played 10 seasons in the NFL, most with this franchise, winning a Super Bowl in 1986. He was a fan favorite and earned his nickname because of his size. Perry capitalized on his fame in a tasty fashion in 2006.

Manny Pacquiao
December 17
This decorated boxer is considered by many to be, pound-for-pound, the best in the sport right now. Pacquiao is also a politician in his homeland, having been elected in 2008.

Christina Aguilera
December 18
A one-time Mouseketeer, she found fame as a singer with this single, released in 1999. In 2010, this men’s magazine ranked her No. 18 on this list. What does she say about her split from her husband?

Alyssa Milano
December 19
As a child, Milano starred on a sitcom as the daughter of this star. In the 1990s, she starred in this television drama, and she spent eight years as one of the main characters on a charming series.

December 20
This young pop star was first discovered on this television talent show. At 13, she released her first album, which went gold. Her third studio album is expected to be released in 2011

Joe Paterno
December 21
The legendary coach of this university recently secured this milestone. Known by this nickname, he has won two national titles and is one of three active coaches to receive this honor.

Diane Sawyer
December 22
A former beauty queen from Kentucky, she is one of the most prominent figures in television journalism, having hosted news shows for this network. Sawyer worked in the administration of this embattled former president.

Corey Haim
December 23
The former child star, who died in March, battled drug and alcohol addiction for much of his life. In the 1980s, he starred in this teen horror film next to another Corey. They would go on to star in more movies together; they later reunited in a reality show.

Ricky Martin
December 24
This Latin pop star gained international fame with a 1999 hit. He first gained recognition as a member of this Puerto-Rican boy band from the 1970s and 80s. Recently, Martin told the world this personal news on “Oprah.”

Rickey Henderson
December 25
Though he was born on a day where giving emphasized, this Hall of Fame baseball player became known for stealing. Henderson won World Series titles with both the Oakland Athletics and the Toronto Blue Jays. In 1990 he won this award.

Ozzie Smith
December 26
Known by this nickname, he was one of the greatest to play his position in baseball. His career started in San Diego, but he helped the Cardinals win the 1982 World Series. His game-winning home run in 1985 prompted this famous call. Smith was also known for this stunt.

Marlene Dietrich
December 27
This sultry film star from the early 20th century became well-known for her role as this character in this major German film. Her ability to continually re-invent herself allowed her to have a long career  lasting decades.

John Legend
December 28
This Neo-Soul/R & B artist worked as a management consultant before he was discovered by this up-and-coming producer, who introduced him to an up-and-coming rapper. He sang hooks on several of the rapper’s songs from his debut album before releasing his own in 2004.

Ted Danson
December 29
He achieved fame as an actor for his role in this sitcom about a Boston pub. He followed that sitcom up with a leading role in another. He also had a recurring role in this wry HBO comedy.

LeBron James
December 30
This international star recently stirred up a controversy when he made this decision. In just his third NBA season, he led the Cleveland Cavaliers far into the playoffs. Before he was drafted, he signed a lucrative contract with this shoe company.

Anthony Hopkins
December 31
This Welsh actor is well-known for his portrayal of this psychotic cannibal. The irony of that role is found in Hopkins’ personal diet. Hopkins has had a storied career, being nominated for Oscars in three other films.