8-bit Wooden Decor

Jeff Svente works by the developer of computer games, and his hobby - creating a very cool 8-bit decor based on the old computer games.
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How are women with makeup and without it

All these girls are absolutely beautiful, let us compare them with makeup and without.

Celebrates Parking Day Coast to Coast

 Yesterday marked the 5th annual PARK(ing) Day, a worldwide event that gives the public a chance reclaim a bit of pavement in the car ridden urban landscape and turn it into a gorgeous bit of green space for people to relax and play. This year we couldn’t think of a better way to get into the spirit of the movement than to send our very own team out on their bikes, ready comb their city’s streets for these little green gems. From New York to Chicago, to Ann Arbor and all the way over to the gorgeous Bay Area, check out our exclusive snaps of PARK(ing) Day - as this year, we go cross country!

Incredible Cardboard Cameras

Artist Kiel Johnson has used common cardboard to meticulously re-create an incredible collection of old-school cameras — from the Instamatic to the Polaroid to the Hi-8. Johnson’s obsession with paper is infectious — it’s obvious in the way he constructs every button and lens notch. Read on to learn more about Johnson’s incredible analog tribute to great cameras of the past!

The Unusual Design Clocks

Fat Models Catwalk

Muppet Show and the Celebrity Doubles