Famous November Birthdays

These two comedians were once a couple, but they still share a birthday month. These two actors are often seen on-screen together, and they also share a birthday month. And, if you wish to be president, you might also wish to be born in November.
Here's who else is famous and has a November birthday.

Jenny McCarthy
Nov. 1
She was Playmate of the Year before she landed her own sketch comedy show. She dated fellow comedian  for several years, and together they became advocates for children with autism.
He's a Texas troubadour who became tabloid fodder when he married a famous actress. Known for his love of motorcycles, he also dabbles in acting.

Warren G. Harding
Nov. 2
This newspaper editor was elected 29th president of the U.S., and rode to his inauguration in a car, the first president to do so. He died in office, his administration marked by a scandal.

This lawyer became the 11th president of the U.S., and gas lighting was installed in the White House during his term. His administration marked by a war.

Gemma Ward
Nov. 3
This teen found her career when she accompanied friends to an audition and ended up taking part. She has been on Vogue and other top magazines, but is she retiring?
She is a comedian who played a typical American housewife on a show named after her. How did she refer to herself on the show? She was the first female comedian to host the MTV awards

Sean "Diddy" Combs
Nov. 4
Performing as Puff Daddy, he helped popularize hip-hop's east coast sound, and his solo album was a Grammy winner. He dated another top singer, and he faced trial on weapons charges.
During her husband's governorship and presidency, the former librarian was an advocate for education and literacy. She recently published a memoir

Kevin Jonas
Nov. 5
He's the oldest of a group of singing brothers whose work on a Disney Channel movie helped make them stars. He also married his childhood sweetheart.
She won an Oscar for her acting debut with her dad, and she went on to star in a baseball movie, among others. Her ex-tennis star husband talks about their marriage in his memoir.

Emma Stone
Nov. 6
A redhead with a big smile, she was a hit in a 2007 comedy with Jonah Hill. What color is her hair naturally?

A professional football player, he decided to put that career on hold and join the Army. He was killed in Afghanistan – by his fellow troops.

Joan Sutherland
Nov. 7
She made her debut in Australia, but it wasn't until she reached London that she became known as one of the world's leading opera singers. She specialized in bel canto roles.

One of the world's top scientists, she won two Nobel Prizes. She and her husband discovered polonium and radium, and she later worked on radium and its compounds.

Jack Osbourne
Nov. 8
He became a star on his parents' reality TV show, and he went on to star in his own reality show. Did he go into rehab?

He's a Japanese manja artist who's known for his work on a series. His twin brother is in the same field and also has found recognition.

Vanessa Minnillo
Nov. 9
This winner of a teen beauty pageant, she became an actress and a TV host. How did she meet Nick Lachey?

He was the lead singer of a boy band, which had several albums that went platinum. He married another pop star, and they starred in a reality series.

Brittany Murphy
Nov. 10
She got her first ongoing TV role when she was 13, and she made her feature film debut as a friend of Alicia Silverstone's. She was married to a screenwriter when she died suddenly.

Many consider this actress's breakout role to be her work in "Moonlight Mile," but it's as a star of "Grey's Anatomy" that she's solidified her fame. She recently had a daughter.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Nov. 11
His role as leading man was huge for this actor, turning him into a superstar. His dating life also gained attention, particularly the top models.

She posed naked and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair, she earned $12 million for a movie role and had a high-profile marriage.Now she's in another one.

Anne Hathaway
Nov. 12
She was noticed as a gawky adolescent who discovers she's a princess, and she showed she was an adult opposite Meryl Streep. Her relationship with a real estate developer ended badly.

He made his major league debut with the Texas Rangers, and he was traded to the Chicago Cubs, where he battled Mark McGwire for the home run record. What happened to his skin?

Monique Coleman
Nov. 13
She's a singer and a dancer who became known in the "High School Musical" movies, and she competed on "Dancing With the Stars." Will she have her own talk show?

This comedian took her stage name from a joke pillow, but she's also an accomplished dramatic actress in films like "The Color Purple." Her breakup with actor Ted Danson was quite dramatic.

Condoleezza Rice
Nov. 14
She planned to be a concert pianist, but her career took another direction. She's since returned to Stanford.

He's the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, and as such he's next in line for the throne. He married a commoner. After they divorced and she died, he married his mistress.

Kevin Eubanks
Nov. 15
He was an established jazz guitarist when became the bandleader on the "Tonight Show" and he was the perfect foil for host Jay Leno. He is expected to debut a new record soon.

She's an artist known for her desert images – from colorful flowers to bleached skulls. She married a photographer and gallery owner.

Trevor Penick
Nov. 16
His efforts to become part of a new boy band were chronicled in a reality show and he was one of the few to succeed. The band released two albums.

This actor's long film career started when he acted in the movie version of a play, "Winterset." He received two Oscar nominations.

Isaac Hanson
Nov. 17
He's a member of a pop trio with his two brothers in which he sings and plays guitar. He's married to his childhood sweetheart.

He got his first big break as a dispatcher on "Taxi" where he also met his wife. He played in many films, including "Romancing the Stone" and others with his former roommate.

Owen Wilson
Nov. 18
He comes from a family of actors, and he collaborated with his brothers on a movie he's also a member of the Frat Pack.

She was the first female chief of the Cherokee nation, serving for 10 years until she declined because of ill health. She married her longtime friend in 1986.

Jodie Foster
Nov. 19
She was a child star in a Disney movie , and she successfully made the transition to an adult actress (see video). Was she the obsession of a president shooter?

He was the 20th president of the U.S. , and he was reportedly the last to be born in a log cabin. His term lasted only about 150 days; he was assassinated.

Connie Talbot
Nov. 20
This schoolgirl entered "Britain's Got Talent" for a family day out, but she ended up in second place. She's made several albums.

Robert F. Kennedy He came from a political family, and he served as his brother's attorney general before he sought the office his brother once held. He was assassinated.

Ken Griffey Jr.
Nov. 21
He's the son of a major league baseball star, and after he was the first pick of the Seattle Mariners, he became a star in his own right.

In a bikini and body paint, with perfect comic timing, she became one of the stars of "Laugh-In" She won an Oscar, and her movie, "Private Benjamin" was a hit. She's happily unmarried.

Scarlett Johansson
Nov. 22
Her breakthrough role was in a film directed by Robert Redford," and she has released an album. Although she's been linked to many famous men, she married a Canadian actor.

The daughter of actors, she established herself as a "scream queen" and went on to win Golden Globes for her comedy work. She's written children's books, and in private life she is Lady Haden-Guest.

Miley Cyrus
Nov. 23
She's the eldest daughter of a country music star, and she became a star in her own right on "Hannah Montana".

To his surprise, he became the 14th president of the U.S. The question of slavery dominated his administration, and he served only one term.

Katherine Heigl
Nov. 24
She was a dramatic actress on "Grey's Anatomy, " and she played comic roles in films like "27 Dresses." She and her husband adopted a child.

He was known as "Old Rough and Ready," for his seeming indifference to hardship. He became the nation's 12th president, but served only 16 months in office.

Barbara and Jenna Bush
Nov. 25
Jenna is blonde, Barbara is a brunette, and they're the twin daughters of a president. Their college years were very public, with citations for underage drinking. Jenna is married, Barbara is not.

He was the son of a president and the presumed heir to Camelot. He married a beauty. They died in a private plane crash.

Lil Fizz
Nov. 26
He was a member of a R&B boy band, who had a successful couple of albums; they also appeared in a film. Though the band broke up, he and J-Boog are still making music.

She and her husband were a popular tour band, and they released their biggest hit in 1970. Their split was acrimonious, and she went on to win Grammys for "Private Dancer."

Jaleel White
Nov. 27
He portrayed a supernerd on a sitcom and he went on to become a screenwriter. His character's popular catchphrase?

She was a child when her family moved to the White House, and her family life was very public. They moved after her father's assassination. She met her husband while working for a museum.

Anna Nicole Smith
Nov. 28
She was a blonde bombshell who appeared in Guess clothing ads and married an 89-year-old oil tycoon. How did she die?

He was a stand-up comedian with a penchant for sarcasm before he ascended to stardom as the host of his own show. He's had a couple of dates with the Oscars, also.

Jon Knight
Nov. 29
He was part of a boy band that went on to sell 80 million albums. He was the first to split during a tour in 1994.

The stand-up comic wrote for sitcoms, including "Welcome Back, Kotter." His own act was so successful that he turned it into a sitcom

Clay Aiken
Nov. 30
He planned to be a special education teacher, but along the way he entered a contest called "American Idol". His first album went multiplatinum.

His landed a bit part in "Empire of the Sun," and he's now a leading man. He's married to a "Brady Bunch" actress.