Attributes of Luxury

Attributes of Luxury
Fastest private jet Gulfstream G650 $ 65.000.000 U.S. aircraft manufacturers Gulfstream introduces its new flagship plane G650. With a length of 30.41 meters placed on board 18 people, including two pilots and a stewardess. Two engines are Rolls-Royce BR725 provide aircraft cruising speed of 870 km / h and a maximum of 965 km / h. The maximum range of 12,964 km, which for this type of aircraft is the world's distance record, as well as the speed record for business jets. The maximum flight ceiling, at the same time, reaches 15,545 feet. Sales will begin in 2012.
Expensive ski from Aston Martin $ 6.000 Aston Martin has launched a series of alpine skiing. Unique Handmade sports equipment will be available in limited quantities in the following sizes: 159sm, 166cm, 173cm and 180cm. Coloring skis this: Morning Frost White, Quantum Silver, Almond Green and Silver Blonde. Skiing can be used for the sports of slalom, freestyle and of course, for a relaxing ride to the snowy peaks. The design of skis, used high-tech. They are made of aluminum and carbon composite, which makes them very light and durable.

Decoration for the Christmas tree, toy ball $ 130.000 ponders what to decorate a Christmas tree? The most expensive New Year, Christmas decorations manufactured in the UK. Christmas toy is made in the form of a sphere enclosed in two rings. Material jewelry, white gold. Encrusted ball across the surface of 1,500 diamonds in a ring 188 inserted into the red ruby.

The most expensive Christmas tree $ 1,680,000 jewelry store Ginza Tanaka (Osaka, Japan), put up for sale a Christmas tree out of 24 carat gold. Artificial tree weighs 21 pounds and made the avant garde. Spruce decorated with lots of jewelry, this strand of pearls, and numerous diamond pendant, the price of the attribute of the New Year holiday, set a world record for the - most expensive Christmas tree in the world.
Most expensive fountain built in Dubai $ 218.000.000 Dubai Fountain - the largest fountain in the world and the most expensive. Built at the foot of the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai, which opened in January 2010. Fountain Square itself stretches nearly three hundred meters, is equipped with illumination lamp 6600 and 50 color projectors projection. The height of ejection of the giant fountain reaches an incredible 150 meters!

The most expensive Lamborghini - Lamborghini Reventon Roadster $ 1.450.000 famous Italian supercar maker Lamborghini, is renowned for its outstanding in terms of design and technology, cars. Since 1963, car companies are becoming powerful, fast and expensive to compete with its main rival, Ferrari. Therefore, the question naturally arises: - What model of Lamborghini is the most expensive in the world?
This latest development Lamborghini Reventon Roadster, which will be released in quantity of 20 copies.
The most expensive bed in the world of Vi-Spring Majesty $ 90.000 British manufacturer Vi-Spring beds proposed new masterpiece entitled The Majesty, that is, "Greatness." Sold exclusively at London boutique. The bed has a size of 217 cm by 215 cm Made entirely by hand and decorated with silk, cashmere, wool and cotton.
Most expensive lighter in the world - ST Dupont $ 74.000 The most expensive cigarette lighter of the world, produced by renowned French manufacturer of luxury goods ST Dupont.Zazhigalka made of 18 carat white gold and encrusted with 468 diamonds set in bright cut Brilliant, which explains why such a high value of the gift. For discerning customers to their image, DuPont offers more and pen in the same style with a cigarette lighter.

The most expensive toilet paper in the world - Renova $ 3.5
A roll of toilet paper from Renova, for $ 3.5 is the most expensive in the world. And if you're already rich enough, then you do not have to wipe his face Fillet of cheap white paper. The company Renova is a solution, a choice of six stylish colors available: green, orange, black, red, blue and rozovaya.Bumaga has a very touch-friendly structure. Paper for the restrooms is already being used in expensive clubs and restaurants.

The most expensive lipstick in the world $ 62.000

The most expensive in the world of lipstick, will cost you a huge sum of $ 62.000 This high cost of such necessary items of cosmetics for all fashionistas, explained the case lipstick material. It is made of 18 carat gold and encrusted with 200 diamonds mi. Among other things, you order and your personal image, initials or logo, which will be decorated box. Complete with lipstick is black, lacquered box of wood, a brush for applying lipstick and soft suede pouch.
The most expensive chopsticks for sushi. $ 450
When you hear about the sticks for the consumption of food enjoyed in Asian and sushi bars, you imagine them as the cheapest cutlery, who invented humanity. Indeed it is. And even the Chinese government introduced a five percent tax on their exports in order to combat deforestation in high places.
Now look at this! The company Louis Vuitton, known for its luxury handbags, purses and other accessories, has created this elegant set of sticks for the discerning consumer of Asian cuisine. And they are now the most expensive rods in the world, priced at $ 450.
The most expensive pool table in the world $ 177.000
consists of four-time world champion on the game of billiards, Vincent Facquet developed a line of luxury pool tables. The most extravagant of them, with ornaments of platinum - Majeste, is the most expensive in the world table for a game of billiards. In pocketed table lights LED lights and fiber optics for increased visibility.

The most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world $ 20.000

Polish designer Lukaz Jemiol created the most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world. In a device for cleaning the premises inlaid 3730 crystals Swarovski. Hoover took as a basis, the standard, the model "Ergorapido" from Electrolux. Despite the fact that the designer has made only one instance, Electrolux offers everyone who wants to shell out for special conditions, a couple more
The most expensive Barbie doll in the world $ 85.000
Diamond Barbie doll, created in conjunction with the masters of the De Beers (De Beers) dressed up in a dress decorated with 160 diamonds, also used in white gold miniature jewelry detail dress.
Doll is dedicated to the 40 th anniversary of Barbie, made in 1999.
The most expensive umbrella in the world $ 50.000
The ultra-luxurious accessory is made of high quality, black crocodile leather. It is only available by special order in the home fashions for millionaires in London at $ 50.000. This model is designed exclusively for men and designed to show the unique luxury, quality, refinement and originality.
The most expensive signings in the world $ 5.000.000
The most expensive autograph is a sign of the great playwright William Shakespeare (William Shakespeare 26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616). There are only six truly known copies of his autograph.
Phone iphone 3GS SUPREME $ 3.150.000
The most expensive iPhone in the world today, made the English silversmith Stuart Hughes (Stuart Hughes).
On the phone spent 10 months of painstaking work. Unibody iPhone, weighs 271 grams and is cast from pure 22 carat gold. The front face encrusted with 136-th flawless diamond in the amount of 68 carats, with a coefficient of pure F (highest). Apple emblem on the back cover of the device, has fifty three diamonds, weighing 1 carat. Crowns the composition, navigation button, which flaunts a unique and very rare 7.1 carat diamond.
Packaged in a 7-pound box, made from a single piece of granite and studded in gold cashmere and nubuck.